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1/2″ Reactionless Ratchet Wrench

Model # : UT8011R


*Heavy duty ratchet wrench with built-in
impact mechanism to deliver 90 ft lbs of
torque while absorbing the snap reaction
on the operator’s wrist. Excellent for high
torque fasteners in confined spaces where
a reactionless tool is particularly desirable
to prevent hand and finger trapping *Three times faster than Standard Ratchet Wrenches *Pin Clutch Impact Mechanism which absorbs the torque reaction and prevents operator fatigue *Comfortable Rubber Grip *Rear Exhaust


    • Product Avg. Air Con (CFM) 4
    • Product Max Torque (ft lbs) 90
    • Product Air Inlet (in) 1/4 bsp
    • Product Max Torque NM 122
    • Product Speed (RPM) 400
    • Product Vibration Level(m/sec2) 9.9
    • Product Size 1/2"
    • Product Noise (dBA) 90