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Model # : AC6700-DCE-5


*FLEXIBLE: The three “push button” speed settings of 10,000, 7,000 & 4,000 RPM, allows for sanding,
compounding and polishing.

*VERY QUIET: 70 d(B)A noise level.

*COMFORTABLE: 0.5m/sec2 vibration level.

*CLEAN: No exhaust air, no air borne oil, no blowing of dust and particles.

*SAFE: The DC current renders the tool shock hazard free and totally safe to use, the 20’ low voltage DC cable
allows use around vehicles and in industrial fabrication and assembly areas.

*EASE OF INSTALLATION: Hook-up and installation is easy and flexible to relocate to any location where there is an AC power point; simply plug the DC convertor cable into your power supply to get started.

*INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Air sanders only maintain 60% of their speed under load, while the AIRCAT DC
electric sander maintains 85% of its speed under load.

*ENERGY EFFICIENT: 80% energy savings compared to running a compressor to power an air sander.

*COMPLETE PACKAGE: Comes with either 6” or 5”
VELCRO® sanding backing pad, a 4 ply 100% twisted
wool 6” polishing bonnet and a 6” foam polishing/
compounding pad


    • Product Orbit (in) 3/16
    • Product Pad Inch 5
    • Product Spindle Thread 5/16 x 24
    • Product Speed (RPM) 4000, 7000 and 10000
    • Product Noise (dBA) 70
    • Product Vibration Level(m/sec2) 0.5
    • Product Tariff Code 8467111040
    • Product Net Weight (kg) 0.91
    • Product Length 168mm